CD/DVD - ROM/Burner - CD/DVD reader and copier, CD/DVD ROM (Read Only Memory) is a reader for CD (Compact Disc) or DVD (Digital Video Disk), whereas a CD-Burner or a DVD Burner is a reader and copier.

Computer Case - Computer Case is basically the case(external case) of the computer system, it can be seperated into different type, such as tower case, disktop and those small case.

Computer media - Computer media are the accessory such as blank CD, blank DVD, floppy diskette, etc.

Consumables - Consumable is the supply for your output device. The most common consumables are printer inks, printer toners, printer drums, dot-matrix printer ribbons, etc.

Digital Camera - Rather than the Film photography, now many people using digital camera to perform digital photography. All pictures store in the digital camera are store into a "Flash Memory" card, and you can very easy transfer it into your computer (note: all picture are digital data).

Core of your computer - We consider the core component of your computer is your CPU (Central Processing Unit) and your Main Board. If ether one, or both of your core component break down, we consider it to be "CERTIFIED" and that will not be included in our warranty.

CPU (Central Processing Unit) - CPU (Central Processing Unit) is one of the most important piece of components in a computer system. It create by number of logic gates and it process most of the request in your computer system(eg. execute programs, startup operating system, etc). Conventionally, when we talk about the speed of the computer system, we usually refer to the speed of the CPU (eg. PIII 800MHz means the CPU cycle is 800MHz).

Floppy Disk Drive - Is a traditional, storage method. It save the data into a "floppy disk" and you can bring it to anywhere you like. The storage size of a floppy disk is 1.44 MB and the actual size is 3.5 inches.

Internal and External Cable - Inside a computer system, there are many different type of cable to connect all the components together, such as buses, power, CD-Audio cables, etc. Externally, there are also many cable connecting external devices, such as power cable, USB cable, printer cable, serial cable, etc.

Handhelds and PDAs - Handheld and PDA is commonly known as those "Personal Digital Organizer". It is known as a very handy device used as an personal organizer. Some of the PDA using PIII 450 MHz Processor. It is a very common electronic nowadays.

Harddrive - Harddrive is the permanent storage inside your computer system, all your files, documents MP3s, movies, operating system, programs, etc, which store inside your computer are store inside your harddrive. It run different speed (usually 7200RPM but some SCSI Harddrive speed starting by 10,000RPM, please view SCSI Harddisk for more detail) and and with different size. In the early days, Harddrive are used to control by a controller called "IDE controller", but nowa days, most of the IDE controller are build into the Main Board.

Laptop & Accessories - Laptop also known as "computer notwork" and used as a potable pc.

LCD / CRT Monitor - Monitor is the output from your video card. On the other hand, it is the display device direct communicate device to human. The video card capture the screen image from your video card and display it out to the monitor. CRT Monitor is the traditional large monitor, whereas LCD monitor is the new "thin in thickness" monitors which using LCD Technology.

MP3/CD/DVD Player - MP3/CD/DVD Player is one of the very common home electronic in the world. It is used for different type of media, ether audio or video, and use the output device to communicate to human (such as your TV or your home theatre).

Main Board - Main Board is one of the most important piece of components in a computer system. It connect all the hardware components together(eg. CPU, network controler, harddisk, floppy disk drive, power supply, CD-Rom, etc). Without this piece of hardware, all components cannot communicate between each others.

Multfunction / All-In-One - Multfunction or All-in-one machine is a combination of printer, scanner, fax machine, PC fax, and copier into one machine. Some of the manufacture put more that the above 5 basic function into one machine so that it can be more comprehensive.

Keyboard and Mouse - Keyboard and Mouse are usually the main input device for your computer system, keyboard is the device you use to type in characters. Mouse are the device you usually used to move and control the arrow inside your monitor.

Network Cable - Network Cable is one of the important part for computer networking. The most common network cables are Category 3, Category 5 and Category 5e. Category 3 cable works on 10BaseT network(10Mbps), Category 5 cable works on 100BaseT network (100Mps) and Category 5e Cable works on Giga Network (1000Mbps). They all use the same type of connector called "RJ45", which is the standard from IEEE(Institution of Electronical and Electronic Engineering). The cable has to designed to refuse interference and protect the internal wire. Since network cable is one of the very important medium in computer networking, the material inside the cable will affect the speed and reliable of the network, the plastic cover of the cable will affect the interference between cable to cable, the connection will affect the speed and reliable, and the duration will strongly affect the time require to repair your network, therefore, picking the right cable is one of the very important part in computer networking.

Network Adapter / Controller - Network Adapter is a piece of device or hardware which stay inside your computer, though a cable or wireless to connect to the router, switch or hub. A network adapter can be internal hardware card (PCI/ISA) or external (connect by USB/SERIAL port). Network Controller nowadays refer to a stronger, more stable hardware networking device use to connect by network server. A network controller works more faster, stable and reliable on it's IO(Input and Output compare to regular network adapter and it can support multiple type of networking standard and networking cable.

Network Router - Network Router is the device used to connect your computer network together. It buildin a processor to organized, protect and process data inside your network. Nowadays, many networking manufacture buildin DSL/Cable capability into network router and called them "DSL/CABLE Router", the most imporatant job for this kind of routers is perform internet connection sharing. But traditionally, router is used to connect and re-organized all the passthough data so that your internal network can understand the external network and vice versa. In addition, a traditional router understand all the computer behind it and can provide useful information when data arrived to the router. Furthermore, a router can also configurate firewall, policy and a lot more.

Software - The programs which user used to perform their task (not computer hardware) and directly communicated to the user.

Network Switch and Hub - Network Hub is the device used to connect your computer network together. It work just like a wire connector and it share a common "Medium" to communicate between each other. In the other words, in a Hub, only 2 computer can communication simultaneously. Network Switch work exectly like a Network Hub except all computers in the network can communicate simultaneously (in the networking point of field. The exception is, if one computer is already communicating to the other computer, and at the same time the third computer want to join in, then the third computer need to wait).

Power Supply / UPS - Power Supply is the component in the computer system which responsible to supply power to you system. It usually connect directly to your AC wall plug. UPS (Un-interrupted Power Supply) is the other device which usually external from your computer system. It protect the power breakdown in any reason. Usually it will store from 2Min - 2hours or power for your computer system (depends on the voltage used by your computer), so that you have enough time to shutdown your computer and minimize the damage to your computer system. Some of the software can even communicate to your UPS system and you can set the shutdown time when it detect your UPS is run out our power. It happens to be very useful and common for server environment.

Printer/Scanner/Fax Machine - Printer is the device which can print out your document, images, picture, etc into paper, whereas Scanner is a device which can scan hardcopy (papercopy) into software copy(computer data). Fax machine is a machine which can fax document to the other location which has a fax machine or fax modem installed.

RAM (Read Access Memory) - RAM (Read Access Memory) is one of the very important piece of components in a computer system. It act as a tempory storage inside your computer system. The data inside your RAM will be remove when the program using the RAM space finished it's execution (eg. when you shutdown your computer, there is no program executing, and all the data inside your RAM will be remove).

USB / SCSI / Tape Storages - Tape Storage is a traditional, storage method. Tape Storage are usually one of the method to perform backup storage. It is known as slow but reliable method to perform backup operations. SCSI storage (SCSI Harddisk) is usually used as a "Secondary memory" for Servers. It is known as fast and reliable storage (usually start with 10,000 RPM compare to regular harddisk 7200 RPM[Rotation Per Min]). USB Storage is a new method to store data into a very handy small device through your USB port.

Sound Card - Sound Card is used to handle sound in your computer system. Without sound card, your computer cannot have sound (except the buildin "PC Speaker", very low voltage and usually should out some "beep" sound), it usually work with a external speaker. By having a sound card, you can play movie with sound, play CD, etc. You can also record sound or output to a better external amplifier to make your sound system more elegant. Nowadays, some of the sound card buildin it's internal memory to make the process of your sound more faster.

Speaker - Speaker is the device used to play out sound to your ear.

Video Card - Video Card is used to handle video, color, screen resolution, 2D/3D image or anything related to display in your computer system. Without video card, your cannot even see anything on your screen. It usually connect to an output device called "Monitor" and it will display the screen output on your monitor. Nowadays, some of the video card buildin it's internal memory to make the process of your video imaging more faster and accurate. Many new video card can also support dual (2 monitors) functions so that you can connect 2 monitor just like one large monitor.

Web Camera - Web Camera is the small camera connected into your computer, it is mostly used for web video conferencing.

Zip Drive - Zip Drive is the other type of tape storage method. Not like original large tape, Zip Drive use small and handy tape and the tape can be easily bring to anywhere. It is one of the common storage method nowadays.

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